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Jue, 26 Ene 2017, 01:06
Parece que en el CES 2017 unos cuantos se apuntaron a la moda del control del subwoofer vía APP de smartphone para este año, y Klipsch entre otros (desde el modelo de 750$, veremos por cuánto sale en Europa):

The Reference Premiere R-110SW, R-112SW and R-115SW subwoofers from Klipsch are great performers but don’t have onboard DSP and advanced features like EQ or auto calibration. That all changes with the introduction of the R-110SW-BLE, R-112SW-BLE and R-115SW-BLE subs, first show at CES 2017. Klipsch’s latest bass-makers feature lots of new features including the LowControl app.


The LowControl app give Klipsch’s new Reference Premiere subs nifty new DSP powers.

Klipsch’s LowControl is an app that connects directly to compatible subwoofers using Bluetooth. It gives owners a whole slew of features that can tangibly improve the listening experience. You can adjust the usual parameters such as high-pass frequency, phase, and output level. You can choose between preset modes like Night, Cinema, and Music. But the really exciting features are DSP-based parametric EQ, and the inclusion of automatic room correction that using your iOS or Android phone’s built-in mic. These crucial tools go a long way toward achieving proper subwoofer integration, and you can save multiple user presets for quick recall.

The new features to add a couple hundred bucks to the target MSRP of these new subs with R-110SW-BLE projected to cost $750 while the R-112SW-BLE will run $850 and the R-115SW-BLE costing $1100. Specifications remain the same as the non-Bluetooth versions; when I reviewed the R-115SW I found it was a very competent subwoofer for the money. These new features will improve upon the already solid foundation formed by the Reference Premiere series subs.

Klipsch expects to ship its new Bluetooth app-controlled models during the third quarter of 2017. ... om20170124

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